MYSASY review

Since 3 months I am using MYSASY. This is a  app that uses a measuring method to give you feedback how well you have responded to a previous training load.

I use this information and compare this with my rest heartrate and the information I get from Training peaks.

As all 3 sources of information are based on different measurement methods, this is a good way for me to monitor how my body is responding to the given training load. The data I get from MYSASY is really accurate and is giving me the same outcome as I compare it to my rest heartrate. The data  from Training peaks is slightly of when I compare this to my feeling, rest heartrate and measurement from MYSASY.

Advise from MYSASY seems to be accurate as well comparing to the outcome of a measurement, so that means I can continue with my training or back of a little when needed.

The use of MYSASY gives me a very good insight between training load and fatigue and how to react on this to make sure you do not get over trained or injured. 

Below are some pictures to give some insight between the 3 different sources I use.


Most of my measurements are in the right upper zone (which is good) There are a few on the upper left side and those where after a race.


The data I get from Trainingpeaks are based on intensity and duration. The purple line is fatigue and the high peaks are after a race or hard training. These peaks are corresponding with the measurements in MYSASY on the left side of the charts.

MYSASY gives me the data I need to have a overall oversight of the shape I am in. However it does not say how much I should back off or increase my training load. This is information I really miss.

Maybe in the future we can get a integration of MYSASY with Training peaks or Garmin, which gives us a complete platform to work with.

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